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Children's Injuries & Accidents

Denver, Colorado Child Injury Attorney

Injuries to children are especially disturbing for many reasons. The effects of injuries on a child may have a profound impact upon their physical, emotional and intellectual development. Very young children are unable to communicate or are limited in their ability to communicate about what they are experiencing. It is essential to carefully evaluate injuries to children and assess the full impact those injuries will have on them. We have worked with prominent and respected physicians, including pediatric psychiatrists and plastic surgeons to address these issues.

There are special concerns in cases involving children. Because of those concerns, all settlements for cases involving minor children must be approved by a probate court to ensure that a child's rights are fully protected and the funds provided for them are protected. If your child has been seriously injured as a result of someone's negligence, please call us at 303-759-3300.

Birth Injury Cases

Was your child injured at birth?

Birth injury cases usually involve catastrophic injuries to babies caused by problems during labor or delivery. Inadequate oxygen to the baby may result in hypoxic brain injury and the development of cerebral palsy (CP). Labor and delivery is a critical time, and improper diagnosis and management may have disastrous consequences. Since these injuries are so devastating, millions of dollars may be at stake because the damages can cover a lifetime of future medical, rehabilitation and attendant care expenses for a severely handicapped child. These cases are among the most expensive, time consuming and complex cases we litigate. They are aggressively defended, difficult to settle and difficult to win. Please call us at 303-759-3300 if you have questions concerning this type of medical malpractice claim.

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